Fill in the Blank

12 Jun

My Balance is

Best when I am not comparing myself to others.

Realizing that my life is what I make of it.

Making a to do list, and working on it one at a time. It WILL all get done.

Taking one night a week to relax; no house work, no running off. Just sitting, being completely calm and quiet with my boys.

Pushing myself physically – walking, running, and feeling physically strong.  And taking days to sit, relax, and be comfortable with not moving at all.

Being creative.

Eating dinner at the table with a knife and fork…and no computer.

Tears falling down my cheeks because I’m saying exactly how I feel.

Wrapping my arms around the people that I love.

Doing things for the right reasons.

Talking to my family.

Dreaming.  And believing in my dreams.

Loving myself exactly as I am.

What does your balance look like?  What is on your list?




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