Defiance, You Have a Place in my Heart

13 Jun

Sure, it may be Wednesday, but to help me get through the rest of the week, lets look back at last weekend.

After a semi-traumatic Friday, I realized that cutting your finger is a great way to get out of cooking. 😉 Phil and I pulled out the motorcycle and hit the open road. We were seeking some outdoor dining and decided on one of old favorites; Uptown Grill. I love this restaurant, it has an awesome menu, a restaurant, bar and outdoor patio, and do I mention the drinks? Sold.

There was a wait but we weren’t in a rush so we enjoyed a round-up at the bar watching the Tigers.

After about 30 min we were seated and enjoyed a great dinner.I think it is pretty clear which dinner belongs to me and which one belongs to Phil.

On Saturday I enjoyed another weekend morning sans alarm clock- a girl could get used to this! We set a plan for the day and headed off to complete our to-dos. I had to pick up a gift for our friends who just welcomed a new baby and head to the gym for a workout.

Phil cleaned all of our rides. Yay! This has been on my wish list for a few weeks. I really wanted to be outside helping, but we had little time and lots to accomplish – divide and conquer!

I got home around one, showered, ate the rest of my salad from the night before and we were off. Destination? Defiance! This is actually where Phil and I met five years ago and some of our good friends still live there, so we headed down for some visiting and a trip down memory lane.

We had a great night hitting up some of our favorite places, driving by our old work and visiting with Carl and Jess and meeting their new little one, Bailey.

On Sunday, I woke up turned on the coffee and tackled my magazine pile. Do any of you get a stack of magazines that grow to a scary height almost overnight? I subscribe to about a half-dozen and always set them to the side after I read them. And then one day every few months, I scan through them tearing out articles, recipes, etc.

It’s a time suck, but I have separation anxiety and can’t just toss them without one last look.

Phil had to work a few hours so I decided to tackle a few projects. First up, working on the fireplace.

20120610-210958.jpgPhil took down the mantel, so I took it outside for the makeover.

I used 220 grit sandpaper to rough it up a bit.

20120610-211124.jpgThen I cleaned it off and applied two coats of spray paint.


While the mantel was drying between coats, I ran a few errands including a stop at Bed Bath and Beyond. And look what was happening…

20120610-211404.jpgA Kerig demo!!! I was JUST telling Phil that I want to get a new brew machine. This magical lady was sent from above and spent 20 min telling me the ins and outs of the various styles and sent me home with a fresh-brewed iced coffee and lots of info.

Phil came home and we enjoyed the rest of the weekend outside with a glass of wine. Perfection.

Do you have a Kurig? Suggestions?



2 Responses to “Defiance, You Have a Place in my Heart”

  1. Elle June 15, 2012 at 10:46 am #

    I have a keurig and LOVE it! I recommend the new Vue because it has more features for the strength and temperature of your coffee. They have great customer service too!

    • BalancingB June 21, 2012 at 8:24 pm #

      Thanks for the recommendation!! I really want to get one. What’s your favorite coffee?

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