Big Days and Busy Schedules

14 Jun

Before we get too far into my post – I need to wish a special someone a very happy nine-month birthday! Wow, I can hardly believe you are turning the corner into the final stretch of your first year.

I remember hearing the good news from your mom and dad that they were expecting, planning showers, buying gifts – the excitement was more than we could stand. And then, we got the call – you had arrived.  Little did we know just what happiness and joy you would bring. No, there was no way to know how much love we could feel for such a small person that was so new, but every day (even miles away) you can bring a smile to our faces and a warmth to our hearts. XO.

On that same note of time flying by, can you believe we are half-way through the month? Wow. I swear, summer months go by so much faster than the cold winter months.

The other night, Phil and I decided to sit down with our calendars and review what we have coming up over the next six weeks. We quickly realized that we are booked solid outside of one weekend (this one) until the first weekend in August. Yay for plans, friends and summer fun, but it is also a bit overwhelming.

Our weeks are becoming pretty full as well – in case you missed, Phil is now semi-professional at golf. So, there is that. He has class, we are trying to squeeze in what we usually do on weekends during the week (cleaning, errands, groceries, etc), house projects and meeting up with friends – time is flying by!

Last night, I had some plans of my own. After work, I picked up one of my favorite girls for some wine and catching up. Katie K is one of the Marina Girls; there were a group of us that worked together at the marina in Traverse City for a few summers and we have stayed good friends over the years. Sure, it helps that these girls are kind of the coolest people you will ever meet and you are sure to have a rediculously good time.

The Marina Girls celebrating Lindsay and Claire’s 30th Birthday in TC. 

Khouri sisters and Dilloway sisters. Both families are divided. And yes, this picture is from 2005. 

And she is all kinds of fabulous. 

We headed over to Mitchell’s Fish Market and sat outside on the patio – the weather was phenominal. And luckily, we made it in time for happy hour. Bonus!Katie K. is getting married at the end of the month, so we spent a decent amount of time talking about weddings, the good, bad and ugly. 🙂 It was so much fun to talk weddings, it makes me want to do mine all over again!

I love spending time with friends, but it was even more fun to enjoy the weather and get me past the mid-week hump.

Do you ever give your friends funny nick names? For example, I have about five friends named Katie, so they all get a different version.

Hope you are all having a great one!




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