Get Inspired with Your Fridge

18 Jun

I am a planner. I like lists, game plans and schedules.

Phil and I take time on the weekend to create a meal plan for the week before our trip to the grocery store. But there are times when the planned meal just doesn’t sound appetizing (hey, cravings hit), or horrors- there’s no plan.

I found myself in the former situation today. For breakfast, I whipped up some scrambled eggs with veggies and black beans, which inspired me for lunch. I usually take my lunch, but wasn’t sure what I wanted. But with a counter full of veggies, I realized I had the beginnings of a great meal.

In the bowl went mixed greens, peppers, onion, carrots, cucumbers, black beans, tomato, avocado and pineapple.


This salad was AMAZING! I also threw on pineapple that was leftover. Clean-out-the-fridge salads can be works of art.

What’s in your fridge? What’s your favorite salad combo?
I love southwest (beans, corn, peppers, chicken and salsa) and the Traverse City (dried cranberries, nuts, chicken and usually a fruit vinagerette). maybe I’m just partial. 😉



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