The Windy City

21 Jun

Hello from the Windy City! I am only here for 24-ish hrs, but that’s ok because I am ready to make the most of it!

I flew into Chicago on Wednesday in the 90 degree weather. It was not great timing to arrive at 4pm. We spent a solid hour sitting in grid-lock traffic with a cabbie that didn’t seem to have AC.

But once we got moving, I got myself settled for work and headed over to my favorite place.


My sister, brother-in-law and neice Natalie live in Chicago and I had big plans to visit for the evening! I can hardly believe I haven’t been back since Natalie was born in September!

Hard to see, but her shirt say, “I love my auntie.” Ah! Break my heart. 🙂


We played, ate (we’re onto Cheerios), talked (seriously, this child said some of her first words yesterday) and I saw that she actually doesn’t hate the bath – despite what we saw when she visited our house last month. 🙂

After Natalie hit the hay, the three of us sat outside on their cute porch to visit over a few glasses of wine. It was such an amazing trip – I adore Natalie and Linds is by far my favorite person to talk to and hang out with. Thanks again to the Sheridans for the hospitality!!

I was up and out the door early this morning for my work event.


But, my time is almost up and then I head back to the Mitten.

Luckily it won’t be long before I see everyone again – my family is coming tonight to stay for the weekend. We have six people, three dogs and a baby coming to stay…whoa! Should be a good time!

Catch you all back in the Eastern Time Zone.




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