Blue Skies and Chili Dogs

22 Jun

Yesterday I wrapped up in Chicago and said my goodbyes.

I was home for about an hour before the first wave of visitors showed up; my sister and her family from Chicago! It was awesome because I just saw them yesterday morning.
We spent time playing and catching up. Phil and Natalie also practiced their drumming skills.


An hour later rounds two and three of visitors showed up and we were rocking and rolling; eight people, four dogs and one baby. Whoa. I have a FULL house this weekend!

I started this morning at the gym- I was ready to have a little quiet time. We had my grandma’s burial ceremony today down state so we all headed out for the day.

The service was beautiful and we were able to round out our trip at a family staple; Monroe Chili Dog.

My mom grew up in Monroe and would frequent the drive-in and then we would always go when went would visit. There is a total science to this place. All three of us Dilloway kids were ready to go – and, this would be Phil’s first experience.

Everyone placed their order (you can only order hotdogs and root beer) and we dug in. Yum!!






Now that we are all full and happy, we’re heading back to our house to kick back and relax.

do you have a restaurant or place you always go from your childhood?

It’s the weekend, yay!!


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