THIS Close

25 Jun

I spent the better part of the weekend and Monday morning sipping my beloved blond as I worked from home. After hours working away, I took Henry for a walk

…and just in time. 15 min after we got home, I noticed the skies started to turn.

20120618-222858.jpgAnd two second later, this happened.


We were trapped inside, good thing we went when we could! Otherwise, the weather has been amazing – sunny and in the eighties.

Later in the day, I headed out to run an errand and go to an appointment. I had scheduled time to get my headlight fixed and a few other routine maintenance items at the dealership. I arrived on time and sat down with Jason, the service manager. As he was inputting my information he informed me that my warranty expired the day before. THE DAY BEFORE. And here I was 12 hrs later and he said there was nothing he could do. If I wanted to do the three maintenance items, it was now going to cost me over $300. I said thank you and walked out. Grrr.

I was a bit tiffed so I decided to stop and get some ice coffee. (Again, I know I am in need of help.) Dunkin Donuts was across the street, so I broke my relationship with the Bucks and headed in just in time for them to tell me they just ran out. What?

I realized that all day I was having a ‘this close’ day. Everything was ‘this close’ to working. Or I was ‘this close’ to being drentched.

Luckily the employee was super nice and gave me a free drink for the inconvenience.

Have you ever had a day that seemed to be just second, minutes or a step off from something good or bad happening?

Hope you’re all having a perfectly timed day! And happy summer solstice!



2 Responses to “THIS Close”

  1. Laura @ scribbles and sass June 25, 2012 at 12:59 pm #

    That’s definitely a “Grrrr” kind of day. How frustrating…except for the part where you were able to escape dry. That was a shiny point!

    Here is to this week looking up 😉

    • BalancingB June 27, 2012 at 3:25 pm #

      Yes! Have to look at the bright side. 🙂

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