Black, White and Friends

27 Jun

Last weekend, we had such a great time celebrating our friends’ upcoming nuptials!

After a glorious nine hours of much-needed sleep Friday night, I finally rolled out of bed. The night before was a bit restless with all of the people and dogs, so I was grateful for a quiet night.

We started the coffee pot while my mom ran to grab some of our favorite bagels. Breakfast was casual because we had to get moving – we had a big day of plans.

Around noon we arrived at our dear friend’s house for our other friend’s (her sister’s) bridal shower. Katie K and Claire have been friends with my sister and me for years- we’re all a big extended family.

Katie’s wedding is red, black and white and her shower was decorated in the same decor. It was beautiful.

We enjoyed some amazing food, sangria and sweets.Mom K, the bride-to-be and her sister Claire.

Then came the games; both my sister Lindsay and Katie A were winners!!

Katie K had a beautiful shower and received great gifts.

It was so fun to be with my Marina Girls again.

Lindsay, Claire, Katie K, Katie A and me.

While we were showering, the boys headed out to the greens. They came back around dinner and the party started up again for round two – BBQ! Mike and Kevin manning the grill.

The whole day was so much fun – we relaxed, ate, drank, played games and just enjoyed the great company. I am so excited for the wedding in a few weeks!

Saturday was a long day, so we took it slow on Sunday. While the guys hit up the driving range, the ladies headed to lunch.


Someone is getting big!

Hanging out by the fan, working it like a model. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing until it was time for our visitors to leave.

We had such a great weekend with our friends and family.

What is your favorite item to bring to a BBQ? Or, what is your favorite thing to eat?




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