Cavities and Cucumber Margaritas

29 Jun

Happy Monday, friends!

I’ve been enjoying life like you wouldn’t believe over here (details to come) so the post never went yesterday. Let’s catch up.

On Friday morning I had an appointment to have a few cavities filled. As if that wasn’t fun enough, I was making the trek up to my hometown (four hours north). So, Henry and I hit the open road at 6am.


My appointment was at 10am and I rolled in right on the nose. Do you want to see a super hot picture of me? Ok, I warned you.

Post numbing injections. Hot, right? I literally couldn’t smile – is this what Botox feels like? Oh, and driving with the windows down helps pull off this look too.

I spent a little quality time with my dentist and then met up with mom. We prioritized her lunch break by shopping like a whirlwind through downtown. It was such a blast!

My mom headed off to work and I met my dad for lunch. Eating was a bit difficult, but I manages to not completely embarrass myself. I had the best afternoon visiting with my parents I wish they lived closer!

I headed back to my parents house for some work before getting back on the road. Yup, eight hours on the road in one day. Yet somehow I don’t think this is crazy. {shrugs}

I rolled into my home around eight and Phil and I spent the night eating omelette (my mouth was still misbehaving) and watching woman’s gymnastics. Seriously, these girls are legit athletes, we were blown away by their talent.

On Saturday I had major plans; Pilates, a car wash and reading my book in the sun. All of this was accomplished and it was an awesome day. To top it off, we enjoyed an afternoon nap. Glorious.

That night we pulled out the motorcycle and hit up a great hole-in-the-wall in downtown.



Plastic wine glasses on the patio? Classy.


The party continued down the street. I spotted a cucumber margarita and instantly fell in love.

If you put on 3-D glasses my arm would come right out at you.

In other great news about this drink, you get a great workout while attempting to lift it off the table.

The night was young and we certainly enjoyed it getting us home pretty late. Hey, when it’s not a school night, we play!

Sunday was not so much a fun-day. Oh well, can’t win them all.

After an abrupt wake-up call from my crazy husband, we ran out the door to do a major overhaul at the grocery store. It was a sad morning as Sundays usually involve a big, lazy breakfast. Not happening. I was a mastermind and said we should hit up Trader Joe’s first; Bigby coffee is right next door, so I was able to at least function on some level.

Once our fridge was stocked, we headed up to Phil’s rental property up in Saginaw. While I’ve been dreading this, the drive takes us right by Birch Run; a huge outlet mall. Of course there was a pit stop that ended in a car packed to the brim. 🙂 stress shopping is better for my waist than stress eating.

After a super long day of working on the house, we arrived home at 11pm last night and called it quits.

Do you like grocery shopping? Are you a list person or do you wing it?

What was the best part of your weekend?




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