Road Trip to Cedar Point

5 Jul

Morning sunshines! How are we all feeling today? I’m struggling a bit to be honest. But, when we are playing hard, I never regret it the next day, despite the need for a coffee drip injection to function the next day.

Since the 4th of July fell on a Wednesday, work was kind enough to give us the day off, but only that day. Hump. Well, we decided to make the most of it (actually, I think Phil was tired of hearing me beg), and we hit the open road for Cedar Point!!!!!

20120705-091052.jpgNo road trip is complete without licorice! A Dilloway tradition. 🙂

20120705-091103.jpgAfter two speedy hours we saw the promised land.


Trying to take a picture of the digital sign proved to be a challenge. It did say ‘Welcome to Cedar Point’ but I wasn’t quick enough on the draw.

20120705-091129.jpgHappy birthday, America! Lookin’ good old gal.


Let’s do this!

When visiting CP, one must have a game plan. You have to decide if you are a ride warrior (looking to take on the hardest/fastest/craziest rides or are you a casual visitor who will walk the park and go on the rides that look good? Phil and I are ride warriors! We love the rides and while Phil has more of an adventourous spirit then me, I try to go on one new ride each time I go.

This marked a big trip because I only had ONE ride I had not tackled and I planned on crossing it off my list!

We started with the Rapor, my favorite ride; your legs dangle, you drop, flip and it has great speed. It is totally worth waiting for the front seat because you can see the entire park. It is a great view!


We had a long, hot wait (temps were reaching 100 degrees early in the day), but it was a blast!!

And with that, we were off! Our adrenaline was pumping and we quickly ran to the next ride finding no wait! And the next ride, only a 15 minute wait! At first we were unsure of hitting up the park on a holiday, but the park was pretty quiet allowing us to jump from ride to ride.



We took a break for some lunch and to let our bodies readjust from all of the flips and turns we put it through. And then, it was time to face my fears- Top Thrill Dragster.

To give you an idea of what this ride entails; you take off at 120 mph, go 420 ft in the air, round the top and come racing down all within 17 seconds. Yup, this is no joke. It’s the highest and fastest ride in the park.


I was really nervous walking up and waiting in the seat (there is a countdown which totally boosts your adrenaline rush), but I knew the ride was only going to take 17 seconds so I held on tight and we were off.

It was a RUSH!! I absolutely loved this ride! Maybe because it isn’t too far off from my own driving? 😉

Because this ride is so fast and intense, you are not allowed to have any ‘extras’ on you or in your hands. So, when we stepped up with our sunglasses, they advised we put them in our shirts. When we finished the ride, we were gliding into the home base and Phil looked at me with a horrified look and told me his glasses were no longer in his shirt, they must have flown out.

We were bummed since they are custom Oaklyes and a pretty penny. The workers said that they do a collection under the ride once a day and we would have to check back. Boo.

Phil said, “lets walk along the area and just see if we can spot them.” Not surprisingly, we ended up empty-handed. Just as we were walking away, the girl who guesses your weight says, “Are you looking for these?” (holding up Phil’s glasses)!!! I think our jaws hit the ground.

Apparently his glasses flew out, hit the umbrella and landed safe and sound. Holy smokes!!


We were over-the moon happy and could not stop talking about the luck we had for the rest of the day.

In other news, not only did I take on the Top Fuel, I found my new favorite ride: Maverick. The ride starts with a 95 degree angle drop. Whoa!

The day wrapped with a trip to Chick-fil-A before heading home through a pretty nasty rain storm that produced quarter-size hail.

20120705-091220.jpgThe day was so much fun! I love Cedar Point – I feel like a kid again.

How did you celebrate the 4th? Do you like roller coasters?




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