A Surprise Shower and Superstitions

13 Jul

Ohhh, I love a good surprise! My coworker is expecting her first baby in August and has said time and time again that she is feeling overwhelmed and wanted to pass on a shower so it didn’t add stress to her plate. Well, we were not about to let this joyous occasion go by without some form of a party. So, together with some of my other coworkers, we plotted and planned a surprise party last night.

I think we threw her off by planning this at a wine bar. 🙂 Cork is a phenomenal restaurant and wine bar in the Detroit area – I am not going to lie and say I wasn’t stoked to have a party there. 

Everyone arrived around 6pm so we were ready for the big moment.


We totally shocked her – she had NO clue! Yay – mission accomplished!

Since Kameya wanted to avoid added stress, that was the theme of the evening. We had appetizers, no cake and just a few gifts. Really, we just sat around chatting and (for those that could) enjoying good wine.

Not sure why this picture is such a hot mess.

Kensington Chick Peas -served crispy and spicy (far left)

Fingerling Potatoes– truffled aioli (top left)

White Bruscetta– white peaches, goat cheese, white truffle oil (bottom right)

Brick Roll- wild mushrooms, goat cheese, caramelized onion

Grilled Cheese– house made mozzarella, basil, roasted tomato aioli

Sliders– white cheddar, toasted brioche roll, pickled red onion with roasted garlic aioli & chipotle ketchup

I enjoyed a little bit of everything along with a Malbec. My favorite were the crispy chickpeas and bruscetta; grilled peaches on toasted bread put this over the top.

It was a great night!


In other news, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Watch out.

As I was coming home from the gym (a sure-fire way to turn that frown upside down), Sarah informed me that today is Friday the 13th! Yikes.

I am not really a superstitions person, however, I often believe the things such as the 13th landing on a Friday, seeing a black cat cross your path or walking under a ladder can create some cosmic force that shifts everything that day. Then again, maybe it is just me looking for things to associate with said ‘bad luck’ instances.

Here’s hoping for a happy Friday the 13th.




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