Katie’s Bachelorette Party

23 Jul

What is it about weddings – I love them! I love hearing about the details, talking plans, and of course the main event. There is so much fun and excitement around a wedding, including some good times celebrating with the soon-to-be newly weds.

A few weeks ago, we gathered for Katie’s bridal shower. Last weekend, the girls headed north to our hometown of Traverse City for Katie’s bachelorette party.

The agenda was simple, meet at noon and be prepared to do a full day of drinking. Saddle up!

I arrived home Friday night and sat on the back porch with the family catching up. My sister, her husband and daughter came for the fun, too.

On Saturday, we started at noon at one of our favorite watering holes from long ago when we were in highschool.

Turkey, lettuce, pepers, onion, tomato, pickeles, two kinds of mustard and sunflower seeds on rye.

After we had fueled, we were off to the wineries! Traverse City and the sourounding areas have some amazing vineyards and wineries. There are a couple of wine tours you can take on both peninsulas. I would highly reccomend putting this on your to-do list.

First stop was Black Starr Farms.

Then we hit-up Mawby, a new-to-me winery that only makes carbonated wine (basically wine and champagne in one!). Oh man this place was good and one of my favorites of the day. We ordered flights and sat down to question the bride on her fiance. It was a riot!

She also had a few challenges such as talking to a couple about the way to make a relationshop last.

We made our purchases and headed out to stop number three; Ciscirone. This winery is owned by Madonna’s father. True fact. Madonna is from the Mitten. In fact, we have several celebs that roam around in northern Michigan. Mario Batali has a place up here along with Tim Allen.

Next, we hit up my new-to-me and hands-down favorite winery that, for the life of me I cannot remember the name of.

After a quick run into town, we did a quick outfit change and headed out to our dinner reservations at Red Ginger.

I started with a blood orange martini – so good.

We all enjoyed some apps amoungst the table. For dinner I went with the stirfry. I am a BIG fan of RG, but have always stuck to apps and sushi and to tell you the truth, I wish I would have this time too. I was disapointed in this dish; little flavor, little serving and unispired.

No worries, I made up for it down at Sugar Kissed (the new fro-yo place downtown). 🙂

Since our bellies were full of vino and eats, we figured it was a great time to hop on a boat. We had reservations on the Nauti Cat, a cruise boat that departs from downtown. The cruise lasts for about two hours and we were lucky enough to have the boat for the night of the National Cherry Festival. Since it was the last night of the festival, we were in for a treat – fireworks from the bay!!

It was a perfect, warm night. We spent the two hours laughing, jamming to the live band and enjoying the show.

The night finally wrapped in the wee hours of the morning – as any good party should – back at Katie A’s house with a slumber party.

We all had a blast celebrating the bride-to-be. In one week, it’s time for the main event!!




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