Catching Up; Where I’ve Been

24 Jul

Howdy all!

I have to say, I am so confused on what day of the week we are on – I blame the Bachelorette moving to Sunday from its typical Monday night slot. Has me all messed up!

On that note, who watched the finale?! To be honest, I never became too invested in any of the guys, I was more so watching to see when Barbie (aka Emily) was finally going to show her true colors. Is it just me or does she seem fake?

The first part of the weekend, we had visitors, my parents who came down state to visit. My mom and I spent the day at the salon and then getting manis and pedis. Strawberry Margarita!

We had a total blast hanging out and getting pampered. Once we finished primping, we headed home to pick up the guys and head down to cheer on the Detroit Tigers.

The Tigers went on to win the game and take first place in the division!

Thanks for coming to visit!!

Yesterday I had to visit the dentist. I was nervous because I was going to a new place, no more driving four hours to my home town. But, I really liked the office and the people….oh, and the tv 🙂

Sa-weet! Does ever dentist have this but mine? I’ve been missing out!

Outside of the dentist, Monday was my typical routine; work, dinner and gym. However, last night I was feeling extra motivated and added in a spin class before Pilates. The instructor is one that I’ve had in the past and lets just say, he likes to make class fun. For example, the music list includes anything from top 40 to techno and he brings a disco ball. Yes, you read that correctly. It is all a bit overwhelming, however, what I love is that he includes some cool extras in the class. For example, we do ab work and push-ups on the bike. By the time class is over, I feel like I worked my whole body not just my lower half.

So, now we are all caught up! I have lots on the to-do list today, better get movin. Happy Monday Tuesday!




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