Olympic Excitement

25 Jul

Morning, morning!

Who is getting excited for the Olympics to start? (OOOh, Oooh, pick me!!)

Red, white, blue attire for the weekend?  check.   NBC app downloaded?  check.   Extra tissue boxes for the tear-jerking stories?  check.   Ready to get our U-S-A chants going!!

I think watching athletes compete at their prime is so motivating, and throw in some killer USA pride and you’ve got a recipe for some tv watching that mom would give two-thumbs up to.

This morning I got my own workout in with a 75 min spin class. I used to take this class religiously, but during my half-marry training, I fell out of practice. Here’s hoping the ugly early, early wake-up call doesn’t deter me and I can keep this up.

It seems as though my workout mojo is on its way back.

Last night we had our friends over after they finished house hunting in our neck of the woods. This makes me extremely happy to think my bestie is looking to move closer to me. We used to be attached at the hip, but thanks to new jobs and me moving across town, we have turned into a long-distance love. The night was spent chatting about their house hunting fun and chowing down at Ironwood.

Do you have a restaurant you frequent?

What is your favorite Olympic sport to watch? I love the gymnastics, high dive and track.

Hope you are all having a happy hump day!




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