Mid-Week Farmers Market

9 Aug

Last weekend, Phil and I visited our downtown area for a festival. We’ve been loving the growth that is happening from new restaurants, events and offerings to the members of the community.

On Thursday, I visited the local farmer’s market that is just over two miles from my house. Most farmers markets are on Saturdays, which I find slightly annoying as the last thing I want to do is jump out of bed to search for produce. Sorry, not happening. But, I do love a good FM.

I recently noticed a sign promoting the farmers market that takes place on Thursday mornings from 8am – 2pm. Perfecto! On my way home from the gym, I swung by the FM to pick up some goodies. I was there a bit before their scheduled opening, but all the booths were set up and ready for business. I even spoke to one of the florists who said they are always ready by 7am because so many people stop by before work. Love it.





I left with a ton of organic and local, made-fresh goodies.

Sure, I went to work with curly hair (my natural state) vs. my perfectly straightened do…but it was totally worth it. Besides, beach waves and healthy are always in style.




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