Windy City Escape

10 Aug

Hello from the Windy City!

Yesterday, I hit up the g-y-m for a good old workout. I was debating if I was going to go since my Tuesday workout left my muscles a bit sore. But, I figured my arms and abs were still good, I would focus on those areas. I started with 20 min on the elliptical followed by three rounds of arms, abs and back strength moves. All in all, I got in a really decent workout. I am new to the weight-game, but am finding lifting to be a great workout.

Afterwards, I decided to pick up coffee since I was out of my ice coffee at home. It was raining buckets, so I opted for the drive through coffee option instead of my usual Starbucks. They managed to get my ‘iced coffee’ order wrong, so made up for it in size. Wholly crap. Got coffee?


Despite the size, it tasted terrible. Lesson learned, stick with the pros.

What was good? My new breakfast super-star: Okios Vanilla Yogurt. I am a Chobani girl through and through, but after reading some promising reviews of the greek goodness and seeing a nice sale at the store, I picked one up. And let me say, this yogurt BLEW it’s competitors out of the water. This was hands-down the best yogurt mess I’ve ever had.

Yogurt Mess (Yo-gURHT Messsss): A cup of yogurt with lots of mix-ins from fruit to coconut, to cinnamon, granola, cereal or nuts. In a word – goodness.

I will be dreaming of this breakfast goddess for days.

After my breakfast and coffee debacle, I got myself in the shower, packed and out the door. My sister and her husband are traveling this week for a wedding, so my mom is watching their little girl, Natalie. My mom invited me to join her in the city for some auntie/daughter/away from work time. I’m in!

Four hours of driving later and I finally rolled into the city- along with the rain clouds.

Happy dance for a long weekend in the big city with some awesome company.

We spent the afternoon playing, going on a walk, watching a few cartoons (which was a huge hit) and making dinner. My mom and I had the little one down at a decent time so we settled into the couch with a movie. I think we made it about half way. Between the hour time difference and the long day, we were ready for a good night’s sleep.


Today we are venturing out for a bit – I hope the weather cooperates!

Happy Friday all! What do you have on the calendar for the weekend?




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