A Crazy, Exhausting Weekend

13 Aug

Morning, morning.

Want to know what my Monday is running on?


My weekend started on Thursday, I headed over to Chicago to watch my niece. We had a ball playing, singing and shopping. Lots of girl time!

Our days started around 8am with the little love bug waking up (I usually got up at 6:30 thanks to the time difference working in my favor). We would spend a few minutes of ‘happy time’ – I call it that because it is the best part of the day for me. She is so smiley, fun, playful, sweet and cuddly. Walking in to say good morning is what makes poopy diapers worth it (and yes, I tackled a few).

First up is breakfast followed by lots of play time. Some times she would nap, others not, we played it by ear.

On Friday we spent a few hours shopping, but we quickly realized that without a game plan, chaos ensues. So, we tried again on Saturday. We headed downtown with a game plan, plenty of snacks, food and clothes for the little one. This trip was much more successful; we were out the door by 10am and on Michigan Ave before the city was up and moving.

I hit up Garret’s first thing. If you wait too long, the line will be out and down the street. Granted, it is worth the wait, but I was fortunate enough to beat the line.

Goodies for the boy back home.

I met up with my mom and Natalie who had continued on to grab a table for lunch. We set up shop and all enjoyed a delicious meal drama-free. Success!

Afterwards, we did some shopping with a few pit stops to see all of the water, Natalie’s current favorite thing.

We arrived home on Saturday late afternoon and waited for my dad to arrive- he is taking second shift (Saturday through Monday) with my mom and the nugget.

I got on the road around 8pm and arrived home just before midnight.

As much as I wanted to stay and play, I needed some time at home to get my life in order.

Yesterday stated with my favorite spin class followed by coffee and a veggie scramble with the boys on the front porch.

Once our bellies were full, we worked in the yard – the weather is finally cooperating enough to be outside. In fact, I think this was the first time all summer I really spent a decent amount of time in the yard. I actually really love gardening, weeding, trimming, etc, but haven’t had any interest when I have to sweat buckets. So, I enjoyed every minute of my time outside – I find it very calming and peaceful.

Phil and I cleaned up and headed out to run a few errands that totally sucked up the rest of the day. I was hoping to knock a few more items off the old to-do list, but somehow there jus wasn’t enough time.

Despite coming home early from Chicago, I still never relaxed this weekend, which is leaving me pretty tired and groggy to start this work week. Ugh.

Here’s hoping the caffeine kicks in soon!

Do you make to-do lists? What did you do this weekend?




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