A Few Things on Thursday

16 Aug

LionelOh my goodness, how time is FLYING!

How is it already Thursday? I have been moving and shaking all week-long, with my new-found passion for working out and weekday outings, I’ve been neglecting my poor bloggy.


So, let’s get back on track. A few good things going on over here. First up, as I mentioned, the workout mojo is back! Heck yes. On Monday night I headed to the gym for my cardio and Pilates standards when something happened – I found myself on my favorite elliptical from years past and was loving it. Like, wow, I am working up a sweat and it feels so good, I want to do this all night long.

I actually ended up skipping Pilates and kept going. By time my workout was done, I was flying high. I have not had that release feeling in way too long. (You workout folk know that feeling I’m talking about.) Yes, I dare say there was a smile on my face.

In retrospect, I think my return to Sunday am spin with Amy T truly did the trick. Her class is like crack – every bike is taken 20 min before class starts. She’s amaze-balls.

Finally, this am I took a day off…four days straight at the gym and my little body was begging for a time out. Even though my endorphins were asking for more. All around – a big victory.

The newest member of my family.

Thanks to everyone and their awesome reviews and suggestions, I finally brought home the mother load.

I haven’t set this bad boy up just yet (see above comment about being crazy busy), but I cannot wait for some one on one time. It is sure to be magical.

Stocking up on the goods.

An emergency run to Sephora took place and I picked up a few new goodies.

We also started packing for our weekend vacation trip. Priorities people.


A few packages have arrived at the house this week including my new running kicks, a few gifts for special ladies and my latest edition to the house. Jenna Sue designed a few pictures for the abode. I have only framed and hung one, but I’m in love. The perfect touch to the space. Thanks, Jenna!!


And last, but most certainly not least, lets talk about my iPhone. Some of you may remember when my beautiful girl was thrown across the yoga studio thanks to the instructor. It was a sad day and I had to say goodbye to my case, Goldie. The gym was kind enough to replace the case, but to my horror, Kate S. had sold out of all the Goldies. ::HORROR:: I have been rocking my spring green case pretty hard, but my heart isn’t in it.

Then, this past weekend while shopping with my ladies, Ms. Natalie and Queen Shopping Bee (aka, my mom) I found it!

Everything is right with the world again.

What’s new with all of you? I’ve missed you all (virtual hugs).




2 Responses to “A Few Things on Thursday”

  1. gold price September 2, 2012 at 8:18 pm #

    Great lookin’ food your whippin’ up! Yum! And I think you concentrating more on yoga is great! That is definitely what I have been doing and I love it! I love the feeling I get after a great workout from yoga, and the destressing. I, too, let go of my gym membership (well P90X at home HELPS!!!) and have been attacking the yoga studio. Studios definitely have a fantastic feel! Good luck and have fun!

    • BalancingB September 11, 2012 at 1:18 pm #

      I just got P90X but am nervous to try – I’m pretty sure I’ll get my rear handed to me. Yikes!

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