Fifth Annual Leland Weekend

21 Aug

Last weekend Phil and I joined some of our friends for the annual Leland trip. This actually marks the fifth year of the gang getting together. We just joined in the fun last year, but it is such a great, fun, crazy but relaxing long weekend.

We arrived Thursday night around 1am and the car loads rolled in until 2:30am. We finally called it a night so we could get up and get our run on Saturday morning.

Afterwards, we cleaned up and headed into downtown. Leland is such a cute area, I would highly recommend visiting.

Friday night was our group dinner night meaning everyone brings a dish and we grill out. This year we decided on beer butt chicken and herb and spice steak. Mike, one of our friends, is so fantastic in the kitchen, he has skills like no one’s business.

The night wrapped with our portion – pie. Sorry, took the picture post deliciousness.

Saturday was a slow go. Phil and I wandered off for coffee and lunch and then met the gang on the beach. I took my first dunk in the water and if felt oh-so-good.

That night, we planned to get dressed up and hit the town, but after hours in the sun, we all agreed on staying in with some pizza.

The evening included some time around the bonfire with stories, strong drinks and smores. Perfection.

On Sunday, a group of us rolled out to brunch at a new to me place that is absolutely one of my favorite places up north.

I mean, how can you deny this latte. You can’t.

We packed up, cleaned the house and said our good-byes. Phil and I had to go through Traverse to pick up Henry who spent the weekend with grandma and grandpa. The four of us headed out to dinner before we hit the open road home.

What an amazing weekend. I haven’t laughed that hard in so long. Ah Leland, you’ve done it again.




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