The Other Side of the Blogger

5 Sep

Life has been, well, less than peachy. Not that anything is happening, but the stress level on the Richter scale is off the charts. Phil thinks I have an ulcer and asked me to visit the doctor – silly boy, you should know I would never do that.

I certainly do not share everything here on my blog- it is mearly a fraction of what goes on in my everyday life. You see a lot of what I am doing, fun pics and events, opinions, thoughts, ideas – but not everything. And that’s ok. I think there is a need to keep my blog as transparent as I feel comfortable, to say and share what I feel – hey, it’s my blog.

No worries, nothing serious going on, just some aspects of life that happen when we grow up.

I am grateful for the goodness in my life, and I share that openly. And I am ok sharing struggles, too. That is the cool thing about blogs, if you are feeling something, more than likely someone else has experienced it or can sympathize. The blogging world is kind of cool like that.

The thing is – stuff is going on in the Real Life of Brynn. Not bad stuff. Just stuff that keeps me occupied when I’m not working, which leaves little time to focus on BB like I would want, and I don’t believe in routinely posting my meals or self portraits.

The reason why I am posting this message is to say I will be touch and go this week. There is so much I want to say and share, but I can’t yet.

And I also want to say that at times, I have viewed other bloggers in a ‘perfect’ light – their beautiful photos, adventures and musings. I have caught myself wondering how they have it all. But, the truth is, we all have ups and downs. Some people are just more upfront about it. And this is certainly not me saying I don’t have it all.

So there you go. Thank you all for reading – I wish I could give you all a hug because it means so much to have you stop by!!

Lots of love.




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