When Rulers Fail

11 Sep

Hello party people. Hope you are all back up and rockin your week. Did you have a good weekend? Mine was ok, I guess I should say, not what I expected.

It was a stay at home weekend with your typical schedule; clean, gym, errands, social outings and to-dos around the house. Last weekend before heading to the cottage, we decided to pull the trigger and purchase new appliances for our kitchen. Hooray!

We had a crazy evening Friday prepping the kitchen for the big delivery on Saturday and hanging on the couch with a few good flicks.

My husband decided we should also do a photo-shoot with our old appliaces. So, no, we are not really cooking, everything you see here is staged. Yes, again, we are super cool.

Saturday was a typical day, however, we had our friends stop over for a bit, which was fun. <Side bar, I love having random drop-ins at our house.>

And then we go the call – they were on their way. Our friends caught the whiff of work coming soon, so they peaced out as the truck pulled up. Perfect timing.

The delivery guys were amaze, however, they told us that they were unable to remove our fridge. Oh, awesome.

We decided to deal with it later, finished unloaded and before we knew it, we had four new appliances sitting in the middle of our kitchen. Yea, my pro of a husband was saving us a few buck-a-roos and was doing the work on his own.

First up: the fridge. We moved the old one to the side and started working. Ummm, doesn’t fit by .25”. So, bye-bye wall. Nothing like a little demolition.

Next up was the dishwasher. Oh, they didn’t give us a part we needed. Ok, off to the HD for the fourth time (and counting).

OK, stove time. Wummp, wummp, this one didn’t fit either. No, I am not kidding.

You see, our old appliances were installed with the house (34 years ago) and were custom. that means, everything fit snug as a bug and was done to the ut-most perfection. Good for them, bad for us.

By making your appliances custom, there is typically a nice ‘lip’ that goes around said appliances throwing off the measurements. Live and learn. So, two of our appliances were literally a hair too large for the space. Ugh.

By the end of the weekend, we had one melt down, seven trips to Home Depot, one functioning dishwasher, two functioning refrigerators, a stove that functions but is in the middle of my kitchen and an old microwave. At least the help is cute 🙂

Needless to say, my trips to the gym were much needed by myself and my husband (an hour of peace and quiet).

If there is one thing I have learned through house projects it is to expect the unexpected. I am sure we will look back one day and laugh. Of course, that day will come after my stove is out of the middle of the room.




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