When Life Gives You Lemons, Go Spin

12 Sep

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, ‘go with your gut’, right? It’s one of those sayings that seems easier said than done, though. So many times our mind, fear or others can mumble these messages. But, when I get the feeling, I try my best to go with it because I know when I do, it’s in my best interest.

The past 24 hours have been less than ideal. From another trip to the dentist for two more fillings, living off soups and scrambled eggs; a garage that decided to break at 8pm (my car locked inside), to my work email crashing and loosing loads of info – I had thrown my hands at the world – forget it.

As I usually do to lift my spirits, I pulled out my phone to play with some social media tool. Instead, I opened my gym’s app and realized that I could potentially make it to my all-time favorite spin class. Thanks to its 6pm start time, I can NEVER make it. But today I was working from home, and I had an hour before the start of class….my gut said yes, do it!

I got dressed and went. I was nervous and continuously questioned myself, but I kept moving forward. And it was the best decision.



The class was so, so hard in the best of ways. I was sweating buckets and loving every minute.

With all of the messages that fly at us every day from every directions, we can some times miss the quiet one that comes from deep inside.

Lesson learned: honor thy gut.




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