Saturday My Way

22 Sep

Happy first day of fall! Hooray!

The weather has been glorious here in the Mitten state; low 70s during the day and cooler nights. The colors are starting to change and football now consumes our weekends. A new season has begun.

Do you ever have those weeks that are totally draining? That was my week. So when the alarm went off this am for spin, I hit the snooze and quickly waved the flag in defeat.

When my eyes finally opened a little later, I decided to creep downstairs, put on a pot of coffee and spend some time with my book. If you’ve been around here long enough, you know this is my favorite way to start the day.

Not too much longer Phil came downstairs and joined in. He’s finally starting to read the Hunger Games; one of my favorite series.

We made his an her eggs- omelette for him and protein pancake for me.


At 10am I headed to the gym for a 75 min vinyasa flow class followed by 30 min of cardio. The gym just replaced their stair masters so I wanted to take one for a spin. Super nice. I’ll take it’s picture next time.

When I arrived home, our contractor was already there and working. We need to replace our gutters and beams that support the roof over the porch. Things are well under way!



In other exciting news, Phil sold his second home/ rental property so we had to run to the bank before they closed at 2pm. I grabbed a chocolate zico and scooted off. Finally, we came home, I showered and we pulled together some chili for lunch while catching up on shows.

About one year ago we got hooked on Big Bang Theory. For the longest time I thought it was the dumbest show and refused to watch. But we were clicking around one night and started watching- I’m dead serious when I say this is one of the smartest and funniest shows on tv. We laugh out loud at least once an episode.

We also watched Up All Night and Glee. I’m loving Ms. Kate Hudson on the show.

And now we’re off. We have a date with some brews at Oktoberfest and need to pick up Peanut who has been with his grandma all week.


Catch ya on the flip side-


2 Responses to “Saturday My Way”

  1. Elle September 23, 2012 at 12:42 am #

    I love your blog. Your Saturday sounds absolutely perfect 🙂 I laugh ALL THE TIME at the Big Bang Theory… I’m so excited to have it come back on!

    • BalancingB October 1, 2012 at 3:04 pm #

      Aww, you’re so sweet, thanks!! I love BBT- who would have thought?!

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