Finding My Yoga Instructor

3 Oct

There is something to be said for a good group instructor. IMO, they make or break the class.

I have been a member at my gym since 2008 and my friend (who also worksout at the same gym) and I have spent hours trying new classes and instructors. About three years ago, we became hooked on two particular yoga teachers that had similar style; yoga with a cardio twist. We would leave class sweaty and stretched. We felt powerful, yet calm. They were great classes and we attended two to three times a week.

And then one girl decided to leave the gym and the other moved gyms. Major fail.

My girlfriend moved as well, so I was suddenly the lone soldier at the gym trying to hold down my practice that started to dwindle down to a measly once a week practice. The instructors were just not doing it for me and I was suddenly realizing the power of a workout buddy.

Thankfully, the gym makes changes to the schedule with the changing of season and after a little stalking, I found my beloved instructor.

I met my friend at the gym, rolled out our mats and were greated by Kim with open arms. Hugs all around.

Class was brutal and amazing all at the same time. Oh, yes.

Somethings should not be changed.




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