Weekend Recap: Party Fun

15 Oct

Last weekend Phil and I drove up north to my hometown for a weekend packed full of events and festivities. It was my brother’s bachelor party and soon-to-be sister in law’s bachelorette party and shower.

We made the drive mid-day Friday and arrived just in time for a round of hellos to my whole family before changing and heading out to North Peak for dinner.

Nichole had a great group of girlfriends and family who came out to celebrate her big night.

We enjoyed a great dinner with some gifts and goodies.

After, the group moved out to Turtle Creek for some dancing.

The night wrapped around 1:30am.

The next morning, I met up with Nichole for a TRX class at a local gym. Nichole’s good friend and bridesmaid is a personal trainer and was teaching the class at 9:30. After a few texts to confirm we were all up and still in, we met at the gym to get our workout on.




I have never done TRX and I have to say I am a BIG fan!! The class flew by and I knew I was getting in a great workout. I love the concept of using your own body weight.

After class, I headed home for a shower, lunch, play time with my niece and more visiting.

The guys took off around 12:30 to start their full day of bachelor festivities including an overnight stay at a local lodge. So, the ladies were left to our own devices!

But, we had another celebration. At 5pm we met up with the group of girls again at Hands On Art for Nichole’s shower.


We had a great spread of homemade eats from soup to salad to bread fresh from Grandma. After we filled up, Nichole’s matron of honor lead us through a few games; design a wedding dress and trivia about Nichole. And guess who was the big winner!!!! Yay!

Next up was dessert and gifts. Nichole and Shane scored some great items off of their registry – they are well on their way! But one of the best parts of the entire weekend was sharing the book we all created.

In our shower invitation, there was a seperate peice of paper that asked all of the ladies to write a letter to Nichole and if you wanted, to add a picture.

The book was put together so beautifully; starting with a letter from her mom, then sisters, friends, then her new family to be (my sister, mom and me) and ended with a letter from my brother, her fiance.

She started tearing up immediately. What a beautiful gift to keep and look back on through the coming years.

Saturday night was spent cheering on the Tigers and crashing – we were whipped!

The boys came home on Sunday in a decent enough state (surprisingly). So, we all enjoyed a family breakfast before packing up and hitting the road.

It is so hard to believe the weekend is over – it literally FLEW by! But, I had such a great time celebrating two very special people. And we get to do it all over again in two weeks for shower #2!

Congratulations Shane and Nichole!!




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