The Newest Accessory

18 Oct

I am just like most girls; I like clothes, have too many bags, shoes and jeans for every day of the year. Facials, salons, and manis and pedis make me happy.

Call me materialistic, I don’t mind.

But the latest trend in accessorizing has come in a new form; nail polish. Nails have become a statement piece of their own by

We’ve seen celebs rocking brights, patterns, overlay and sparkles – the creativity never seems to end. So long are the days of matching you nails to your toes!

But, the takeaway here is that we can let loose a bit with our colors – have fun. Do you like a classic look, try a soft pink or even white. Are you a classic girl with red, bold nails? Try to go darker into a purple hue.

Feeling a bit of the nail love? Go for this fun look – paint one nail a different color than the rest.

I also love to wear colors for the season.I’m not quiet as adventurous, but am in love with the new fall lines from Essie and OPI, lusting over greys, metallic and purple hues.

What are your favorite nail colors?

What are accessories you can’t live without?

How often do you get a mani/pedi?

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