Weekend Recap 10/20

23 Oct

Kids, I had the best of best weekends.

I know, I am a little behind the train, but Mondays are always tough with an early morning gym sesh, work and my Monday night ritual followed by an evening alone as a single parent – I usually don’t sit down until 9pm to eat dinner. As was the case last night. Oh well.

So, back to the weekend.

I started it off with a trip to the salon for an update on color. It was much-needed (no pics, you can see the color in the following pics). It was funny because I was fidgeting the entire time and my hair dresser asked what was up. I totally had not realized I was being a squirm and said I was excited because my husband and I were going out for date night.

We have not had a date night in a few months – I think it was due to our busy summer schedule – so I was more than ready to bring it back!

Our plans included getting dressed up, heading out to drinks and then dinner. Fun!

I didn’t take many pictures, I was way to captivated by my hot date. 🙂 But we had such a great time! Dinner was at Novi Chop House, which was a first for both of us. We enjoyed some wine, lobster appetizer, house salad and steaks (obviously). We left full and happy!

Saturday morning started with a workout – yay me! (Yes, I am my own cheerleader.) I had to rush home, shower, eat, get ready and pack for before my ride came. Three of my girlfriends and I were road tripping to Notre Dame for the football game!!

I went with the gals last year and had a great, great time. So, I was super excited for this years trip.

The girls picked me up at 9am and we spent the three-hour car ride gabbing away. Once we arrived at ND, we took a mini tour to all of the must-sees.

Around 1pm we went back to the parking lot for some tailgating. We munched on homemade guac (amazing), chips, veggies and sandwiches. It was a nice little spread that was much more girl-ified than most tailgate eats. And I liked it!

When it was game time, the sun came out and we headed into the stadium for kick off! It was a perfect day – sunny 54 with no wind. Bring on the football!!

My alma mater was also playing, so Phil was sending me text messages with updates.

At the end fo the day, ND pulled out the W, but my alma mater lost in the last few seconds. Boo.

We piled back in the car and started our three-hour trip home with a quick stop for dinner. I arrived home around 10pm only to find Phil just coming home, too. Apparently he had been out all day with friends enjoying the game as well! Love football Saturdays!

Despite being a crazy workout girl, I decided to turn off the alarm and sleep in. And let me tell you, it was glorious. It was one of those moments that you wake up with the sun on your face after a long night’s sleep feeling ready for the day.

Phil and I headed out for coffee with Henry. We walked around downtown Plymouth – the weather was unbelievable. Too nice to be inside, that was for sure!

We ran a few errands and came home for breakfast. The rest of the afternoon was spent cleaning, not the most fun, but it felt good to have a clean home. The rest of the day was pretty low-key; boob-tube and dinner.

It was a great weekend! Completely relaxing, filled with fun, accomplishments and time spent with some great people.

How was your weekend? Are you still floating from your weekend high?




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