Snack Attack: Halloween

24 Oct

Can you believe that we are rounding the last few days of October?! I can not believe it….I feel like a broken record, but this year is flying by.

The weather around here has me all confused as well. We’ve been enjoying temps in the low-70s. Not so normal for the mitten.

Last night, I took advantage of the weather – Henry and I took a nice long walk. I hit up the gym this morning, despite my moaning, but I knew I would be glad I did. And low and behold, I had a last minute meeting pop up. This is why I love am workouts.

I also find myself in the right frame of mind. A lot of treats are starting to roll into the office with Halloween around the corner. And believe you me, I am not about to turn down a little sugar.

Today’s Snack Attack is all about Halloween candy!

With all of the cute, sugar filled bowls coming around, it is best to get a game plan and some tricks (no pun intended) to ward off the extra luv-handles.  Here we go:

Buy late. The closer to Halloween you buy the candy, the better. And once you bring it home, don’t even rip open the bag until the first trick-or-treater comes. That way, you’ll have less total temptation time to cope with.

Choose candy you don’t like. Hate coconut? Load up on Mounds and Almond Joy. This is a sure-fire way for me to keep my hand out of the bowl.

Devise a game plan. Start giving out more candy to each costumed kid as the night wears on, so there’s less left over. If there are still remainders, get them out of the house.

Freeze it! Put left-over favorite candy in the freezer. If you get weak and find yourself digging into them, they will be rock solid and it will take time to get through even one. For me, I like hard chocolate, but the out of site, out of mind aspect works with this one.

Ditch the sense of occasion. Remind yourself that you can buy yourself candy any time of the year. There’s no need to load up on fun-size bars on October 31 when you can enjoy them whenever your heart desires.

Keep things in perspective. Eating a little bit of candy on Halloween doesn’t make a person overweight — it’s constant overeating that can pile on the pounds. So don’t assume you can’t enjoy even a single treat, especially since deprivation is a dieting tactic that often backfires.


What is your favorite Halloween goodie? Do you have a trick to keep your hand out of the cookie candy jar?

I love the fun-size Milky Way, M&Ms and Snickers. Chocolate is my favorite, so the smaller sizes are perfect IMO.




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