Pups in the Office

26 Oct

Good morning folks! We are rocking and rolling our way into the weekend – yes!

I have a big weekend ahead that starts this afternoon, so I’m on countdown at this point.

Last night, Phil and I watched the Tiger’s game. They won the ALCS last week and are now vying for the title of World Series Champs! Wednesday night was the first game in the series. I am sad to say, it has been a rough start for the Tig-rays. But, they are on their way home and we are ready to welcome them back and cheer them on to a victory!!

This week has been a busy one. Do you ever feel extra tired after a hard day at work? I had a launch this week and was in bed extra early and struggled with my alarm clock warnings in the am. It is amazing to me how stress can be so exhausting. Although I am not logging long miles or extra workouts, my body is behaving as though it has.

Speaking of work, yesterday I had an email waiting for me that was a survey asking my thoughts on pets at work. Apparently, there has been a request from some employees to bring their dogs in with them. Ha. I love it. Of course I responded in favor – I would love to bring my peanut into work with me!

A recent NY Daily News article actually took a look at the benefits of bringing your dog to work. One of the most notable is stress-reduction. According to Virginia Commonweath University, having a dog at work can lower stress levels and increase the level of job satisfaction not only for you, but your coworkers. Win, win.

I love working from home – nothing like working on your own terms, in your sweats and breaking for walks with Henry. The study seems to have some merit.

And you know me, the more I can have this nut around me, the happier  I am. 🙂

What are your plans for the weekend? Do you think dogs should be allowed at work?




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