A Weekend of Celebrations

2 Nov

This week flew by. Thanks to some travel time, I can hardly believe we are at Friday already. And not only Friday, but the second of November. Gigga what?

Where is time going? Slowww down.

Before I jump into this weekend, I have to share the great time I had last weekend. It was a big one filled with friends and family and lots and lots of celebrations. On Saturday, my sister, mom and I hosted a shower for Nichole. It was a beautiful fall day and we had such a wonderful time playing games, gabbing, lunching on some great food and celebrating the soon-to-be Mrs. Dilloway.

After, my sister did her best to get me out of the house so everyone could prep for a very early 30th birthday party for me. My actual birthday is a few weeks away, but it was the last time the family would be together before Christmas, so Phil and my siblings pulled out the stops. It was a great night filled with friends and more food!!

I also received my dream gift. Yes, the Vitamixer has arrived!! Thank you everyone for a lovely night!

Sunday was spent brunching and dressing up for Halloween.

It was a busy, busy weekend that was filled to the brim with family, fun and love.

And now it is time to get cranking on this day because Phil and I are hitting the road tonight for a weekend away. Weeeee.

Catch you on the flip side.




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