On the Road Again

3 Nov

I remember as a kid, as a teenager and even into my early twenties looking forward to the weekend. There was something exciting about two free days that were usually filled with plans, sleeping in, relaxing, playing, reading – in short chilling out.

But it seems that at some point in my mid-level career life, I lost that excitement and anticipation. My weekends are now filled with to-do lists trying to beat the clock; burn cals at the gym, fight off the crowds at the grocery store, clean the big house, head out to meet up with friends, etc. and do it all while looking good. Oh, and work has seeped into my life thanks to a handy smart phone that never turns off. Meaning I never ‘turn off.’

The stress and anxiety is more than one should bare and I wonder how I have wound up in this place.

Knowing how I roll, I asked Phil weeks back for a get-away. I needed to drive away from the lists, commitments and stress. It will be there tomorrow- trust me. It was time to take a step back.

Yesterday, I felt like a kid again- I watched the clock like a hawk and could barely stay in my seat. I found myself smiling – I had something so great to look forward to.

After work, Phil and I loaded up the car and took off for Chicago. We are spending the weekend relaxing with no agenda but to enjoy ourselves and each other.

I cannot wait.

Catch you all later! Have a great weekend.



One Response to “On the Road Again”

  1. IHeartVegetables November 4, 2012 at 3:03 pm #

    I hope you’re having an amazing weekend! 🙂

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