Take Your Wife to Work Day

5 Nov

Yo, yo! I’m usually not quite so chipper to start the week- but today is different. I’m still riding my weekend high and do you want to know the best part? I’m still on vacation! Boo-ya.

I took Monday as a vacation day and today is a holiday at work. I have to say, taking yesterday off was the best decision ever. With two days of freedom I asked hubs if he wanted to meet for lunch. We made a date for lunch at Jimmy Johns and get a tour of his work. The morning was spent sleeping in, unpacking and then throwing a load of clothes into the wash before hitting the road at 10am.



Phil heads into work pretty early, so lunch time is usually around 11:30 – yikes! That is about two hours before my usual lunching hour, so I kept it early with some coffee and light breakfast. I picked up Phil at work and we hit up Double Js for brunch breakfast.



We enjoyed our lunch and then headed back to Phil’s work. It was so awesome to see where he works and get a full tour and meet his coworkers. I loved take your wife to work day. 🙂

I had to keep an eye on the clock so I could drive over to the other side of town for a doctors appointment at 2pm. I made it just in the nick of time. Phew.  I knew I would be out and about all day, so in the am I had thought ahead and thrown my workout clothes in the car. So glad I did because I drove my bootay straight to the gym – I am pretty sure if I would have gone home that workout would have never happened. But, I was prepared and thanks to a free agenda, I was able to take my time and get in all of my cardio and reps without stressing about the time.

On the way home I swung into the grocery store (I was on a roll!!). Around 6pm I arrived home. It was a long day, but I had accomplished a lot (including getting my car wash, one of my to-do items). Henry and I unpacked the food, whipped up some dinner and enjoyed a few episodes of Diners, Drive ins and Drives.

I cleaned up a few more things around the house, folded the laundry and finally settled in for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. OK, can we please discuss how there are currently three RHW on at the moment; Miami, Beverly Hills and Atalanta?! What have I done to be so lucky!!

I never watched Atlanta until last season, was completely captivated and than proceeded to waste away my life catching up on past seasons. I’m in  love with all of the casts; NY was my favorite when Bethenny and Jill were on. But then Kelly went crazy, B left and the show went down hill. I think BH is my current obsession.

Speaking of casting your vote – today is the big day!

I started out the day with a run, breakfast and coffee. Now I’m off to get cleaned up before heading out to cast my vote and catch lunch with some of my girlfriends.

What is your favorite Real Housewives cast?

Did you vote today?




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