My Kind of Saturday

11 Nov

Hello! I’m on my way to the West coast, so I will catch you up on yesterday.

I had a few small to-dos to get done before my trip, but tried to keep a light schedule so I could relax on my one-day weekend.

The day started with a pot of coffee, which was enjoyed while chatting with Phil. I love easing into my day this way.

I had an appointment at 9:30, so I decided to postpone my workout until the afternoon. Why wreck the relaxed mode, right?

A few weeks back, I scheduled time at the spa. The Aveda salon gives you a credit worth the amount you spend in products towards future services. Nice! I love booking services in advance because I am always pleasantly surprised when the reminder pops up on my calendar.

I started with a wonderful pedicure. My poor feet needed some TLC. Next up was a 90 minute facial.

The room was set to a warmer temperature, the music was very calming and I was able to choose all of my scents that would be used through the service. Heaven.

One if my favorite parts about a facial at this location are the add ons. They start with a facial and when the mask is setting, move to a leg, arm and neck massage. Also, with the 90 minute, they perform a scalp massage, which is amazing. The rubbed in some hydrating oils and rubbed my head for 10 minutes. Such a great feeling to be massaged almost head to toe!

After my service, my masseur asked me to choose three cards I was drawn to. Based on those cards, she selected three oils that I then smelled with my eyes closed. Which ever one I connected to, that’s where my energy was for the day.

I selected Chakra 5- Fire.

She placed some on my pressure points for a nice calming scent to enjoy all day.

I had such a wonderful experience and would highly recommend Aveda salon in Royal Oak.

When I returned home it was well past lunch, so Phil and I whipped up some salads.

The afternoon was spent packing, working out and taking a nap. We finally got up and around around 6 and started dinner. When I’m traveling a lot, I really like to eat in as much as possible. We made fish, green beans and sweet potatoes that got away from me a bit. :/ ah well.

Ok, time for wheels up! Catch you all in Cali!

any fun plans for Sunday?



One Response to “My Kind of Saturday”

  1. ~jenniferlynn November 12, 2012 at 1:26 pm #

    Looks like an amazingly relaxing weekend that such a busy girl like you needs!

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