San Franny

12 Nov

How is every one’s Monday going? I am about three hours behind my normally scheduled program because I am in San Francisco!

Yesterday, I had a loooong day filled with an early departure time, traveling across the country and then heading off to an event. Phew! I love traveling, but going against the clock (traveling East coast to West) is challenging. Well, at least for me.

I packed up, kissed the boys good-bye and headed off around 6am yesterday morning. I left myself plenty of time to park, check my bag, pick up breakfast and get to my gate.

Breakfast was oatmeal and tea from Starbucks. Despite its best attempt, it did not keep me full through lunch. In all fairness, thanks to the time change, lunch wasn’t until 3pm EST. Seven hours – ugh. I made the mistake of shoving a Think Thin bar and two handfuls if nuts as soon as I touched down, which lead to a belly ache.

An hour and lots if traffic later, I checked into the InterContinential. It is completely gorgeous and within a block of Market Street.

The room is beautiful.

Especially the bathroom. I didn’t take a picture if the entire thing because I’m assuming you don’t need a visual of the toilet. But past the toilet is a tub. Thoughts of a nice relaxing bath are floating in my head.

I had a few minutes to get organized before heading out to my work event.

In full disclosure, the concierge warned me of a dicey area next to the hotel (about two blocks down). I thought I wa invincible in the middle of the day and decided to walk. On the way, I was cat called, saw broken out car windows, and was almost mugged. Now, I am not completely nieve- I do live in Detroit and have traveled a lot. But this was so dumb of me and by far the scariest situation I have ever been in.

I made it out safe an calls Phil in a panic. He was able to console me and I jumped into a cab arriving beyond fashionably late but in one piece.

I made it back to my room safe and sound around 5pm and crashed. My stomach brought me to a little while later and I ventured out and stumbled upon Split Bread (thank you, Yelp!).

Dinner was enjoyed on the bed watching Valentine’s Day. Bed came around 9pm PST- well past my bed time.

But, early to bed, early to rise! I went straight to the gym for a super sweaty HIIT workout. I headed down the street for some coffee and reading. I’m completely hooked on this book by the way!

Ok, off to start my day!

When you travel, do you stay on your time zone or change?
What is your favorite breakfast? I am a big fan of eggs, cereal or oatmeal. Just depends on my mood. 🙂



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