The Holidays are Here

19 Nov

This past weekend was an absolute whirlwind in the best kind of way. It was jam-packed with friends, food and fun.

The weekend started on Thursday when work closed out. Despite my Debbie Downer attitude, I had some plans with my ladies for a birthday dinner and then Twilight! My best friend hosted the dinner at her house. I was greeted by some decorations, a warm welcome and lots of apps for snacking.

The girls rolled in and I was surprised with dinner – a salad bar with all of my favorite fixings! Now, if you don’t know me, this might sound strange. However, I am a veggie and thus salad lover and was so touched that my friends were so thoughtful  in putting this spread together. We enjoyed our salads, wine and laughs followed by gifts and finally some cupcakes and birthday song.

Around 10:30, we gathered ourselves and headed to the theatre for the premiere of Twilight. Oh my gosh you guys, this movie was actually good. Now, I understand that comment is in comparison to the other movies in the series, but really, it was suspenseful and intense. I loved it!

I made it home around 2am and crashed on a complete birthday-high.


Friday was a work holiday, so I slept in a bit and then headed to the gym for my Tone It Up workout.

Kicked my bootay!

That night was my work holiday party. I work with some great people and Phil and I had a blast chatting with my coworkers.

We stayed out late and again, crashed just before the 2am hour.


I was up and at ’em because I had some exciting plans to meet up with my girlfriend/ bride-to-be to do some dress shopping in Lansing. I met up with the bridesmaids, Cathy (BTB) and her mom for a morning filled with dresses for all the ladies. We tried on a lot of different options and I think we landed on a good one! Cathy also tried on some dresses and she was stunning. Sorry, no pictures to share – everything is top-secret!! 🙂

We headed out to lunch and then I started my trip home. Lansing is just over an hour away, so I had a few hours to spare before our evening plans, so I headed to the gym. Nothing like planning ahead! Unfortunately, I was pretty beat, so it was a so-so showing, but I went. Kudos to me for the effort.

After, I went home to shower up and grab Phil for our dinner plans. We headed over to my coworker’s house and then out to dinner at a new-to-us spot, Tony Saccos. they have a coal-burning oven that cooks the pizza in no time and specialize in thin-crust with fresh ingredients. Phil and I ordered the vegetarian and loved every bite.

The dinner and company were wonderful. But, despite our best efforts, were pretty pooped from the past few days and called it a relatively early night (11pm is like 8 when you are used to 2am!).


Oh beautiful Sunday. I turned off all of my alarms, we enjoyed a slow morning with a pot of coffee and eggs.

Phil and I pulled out our cookbooks, coupons and started a list for Thanksgiving dinner. We are cooking the whole meal for the first time and I am really looking forward to it!

We spent the late morning at the store and it was a complete success. I am completely ready for turkey day!

The rest of the day was spent mowing the lawn, cleaning, reading and cooking up a home-cooked meal. It was a much-needed quiet end to the weekend.

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Are you a thin, thick or deep dish pizza lover?

I like them all, it just depends what mood I am in. 🙂




One Response to “The Holidays are Here”

  1. lifealawife November 19, 2012 at 7:27 pm #

    I can’t wait til my husband and I cook our first Thanksgiving dinner either – Unfortunately it wont be this year…But maybe next!

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