Starting 30 with a Bang

24 Nov

Wow, I am still spinning from the past three days. Between my 30th birthday, the holiday and Black Friday I can hardly believe its already Saturday!

But I’ll back up a bit, Wednesday was an amazing day. I started by deciding that I would hide under the covers for the day- yea, I wasn’t stoked about leaving my 20s.

Then a light bulb went off. A few days ago, a package was delivered with a note to wait until my birthday to open. It taunted me for days. I could finally open the big box!!

Like a kid on Christmas, I ran downstairs to see what was inside.

My amazing sister/best friend put together a package of 30 things for the big 3-0.



I laughed, I cried – it was one I the most thoughtful and special gifts. What a start to the day!

My favorite part was the handmade mix that features a song from every year of my life. Amazing.

While I was opening my gift, Phil ran to Starbucks for my favorite coffee and vanilla bean scones. Ok, so the day wasn’t starting off so bad.

I had to work for a few hours so I got ready and headed in. Throughout the day I received phone calls, messages, texts, posts and emails from friends, family and my social buddies. I was so touched- thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!!!

When I arrived at work, I was told I had a package at the front desk. Beautiful flowers from Phil!

Around 11am Phil called to see how my day was going and said he was taking a half day so he could meet me for lunch! Yay, what a nice surprise!!


I wrapped up my afternoon and scooted off to the spa for a mani/pedi. During the afternoon, I heard from more friends and family; it never feels like the day is complete until I talk to each of my family members.

When I finally got home Phil told me to hurry up, our friends were on their way over for drinks before dinner. Yay! I was a little frazzled ( a girl needs more than 20 min to get ready!) but I was excited. My bestie rocked my world and made sure I was heading into my thirties looking h-o-t. Love.

We headed out to a lovely dinner filled with lots of laughs, bottles of wine and great food. the night wrapped with one more sugar bomb topped with a wish.


Brace yourself, about to get sappy. I cannot put into words how loved, lucky and blessed I am. From my family birthday (I know how much went into the planning and my new Vitamix!), my girlfriends planning a birthday dinner and midnight showing of Twilight, a weekend in Chicago with Phil and dinner at the Signature Room and the my actual birthday- it’s more than one girl deserves. Thank you everyone for helping me realize that thirty is not so scary when you are surrounded by so many wonderful people.

Sending love back to everyone today.



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