Weekend Recap: Holiday Style

26 Nov

Wow, what a weekend! It was a nice, long, relaxing weekend with lots if celebrating and holidays packed into five days.

After Wednesday and my 30th birthday wrapped up, I started Thursday with a nice long run. When I arrived home, Phil and I enjoyed a warm breakfast while starting a few side dishes for Thanksgiving. The whole day was very relaxing; we watched football, cooked, did FaceTime with our families an enjoyed on heck of a meal!!

I am proud to say I made the pie, cranberries and potatoes all from scratch. Phil gets all the credit for the turkey; so juicy and flavorful!

Although we were home all day Thursday, I was moving slow on Friday. So, I went with it. I finished my book, watched movies, cleaned and managed to only leave the house for 45 min. No Black Friday for this girl.

Saturday started with an am spin class. It felt good to get back to class and I quickly realized that I am out of spin shape in a serious way.

We had a housewarming party in the afternoon and the came home to watch my alma mater play. Our plan was to head to the movies afterwards, but I guess everyone had the same idea because every show was sold out! Bummer. But, I’m not a fan of cramped theaters so we headed home with a flick from Red Box.

On Sunday I woke up to the sight of snow! A perfect blanket over our neighborhood. And just like a kid on Christmas, I woke Phil up and suggested we go pick out our tree. He was on board. We quickly got ready and hit the road before 9am.

After a few trial and errors, we’ve realized the best place to get a good tree for a good price I near where Phil grew up. We called up his mom and stopped by her house before hand for a little visit. It was so nice to see her.

We finally made our way to the tree farm.

Within 20 min we had our tree!!

Now that is what I’m talking about!

Phil had to get home for a group meeting for school, and I got to work on dinner. When he returned, we decided to bring Arnold in. Yes, our tree  has a name.


Ta da! This is as far as we got, which is ok by me. The decorations will come throughout the week.

The holiday weekend was a great one. I think Henry had a good time, too.





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