Back to Califonia

30 Nov

Happy December 1st and greetings from the West Coast!

I spent Friday morning traveling out to CA for a work event. (Ps, early morning flights are only a goo idea when you’re booking. Not in reality.)

I arrived at 1pm 10am CA time and had some time to kill before my room was ready at my hotel. My aunt is a long time resident of San Diego and I have visited quite a bit leaving me very comfortable navigating the city.

By time I got my bag and car my stomach ws SCREAMING for lunch. I headed a few miles down the road to a shopping mall I’ve been to before. Luckily there were lot of choices so I plopped down for some eats and work. Plus I was able to do a little window shopping.



I love the ice skating rinks that are all over the city.

After my hunger pains subsided, I got my bearings and realized I was only a few miles from the island of Coranado. I’ve visited plenty of times in the past, but the island, Hotel Del and the ocean never gets old.

I parked a few blocks out so I could get some walking and sightseeing in. The hotel was everything I remembered.


And the Ocean, well, what can I say.



Only in California do you find sandcastles for the holidays.

I had a 20 minute drive north to my hotel, so I jumped on the expressway, checked in and got back to reality (aka work). But my poor body was all out of wack and I ended up napping for a few minutes but not long enough.

I had a work event so I scrambled to get ready and made my way to the event. It was a struggle to stay awake, I’m not going to lie.

It was an early (?) night. I have another big and FULL day ahead of me today so I needed the zzzs.

Plan for today; hit the gym, attend TedX San Diego and hopefully hang out with my aunt. Hope you all have a great Saturday!



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