Green and White

6 Dec

Last night Phil and I spent the night cheering on my alma mater. My boss offered me tickets to the Michigan State basketball game. I haven’t attended a game in over a year and Phil has never been, so we were very excited.

We did it right by making a night of it; hitting up some of my old stomping grounds and eating at a local favorite spot. It’s hard not to fall in love with the campus every time you visit.

The game tipped off at 8pm and I’m happy to say my cheering alone lead to a W for my boys!! Ok, maybe I wasn’t the sole reason. 😉

It was a late one, but a great time.


The gym didn’t happen this am (sleep won) but I’m thinking it may be a rest day. Or maybe I’ll be motivated later. Probably not. In the mean time, I’m lovin on my Shrek Juice (stealing from Jamie!) brought to you care of the Vitamix. Mmmmm.

Hope you have a healthy Thursday!




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