Start at the Very Beginning

10 Dec

Howdy all. I am back from a long weekend that was filled to the brim. So let’s get started.

Friday consisted of Pilates, a trip to the salon and girl’s night: holiday style. My friend hosted and cooked an amazing dinner for us that we enjoyed by the beautiful Christmas tree. And in true girls night stereotype, we ate, drank, laughed and watched Magic Mike. Perfection. We even had a slumber party! Are we ever too old for slumber parties? I think not.20121211-113121.jpg


Phil had gone out on the town with one if the other girl’s boyfriends, so I headed I their place o meet up with Phil. We ended up staying for a while and chatting over coffee.

The day was slipping away, so Phil and I packed up and headed home with a stop do lunch. Homegirl needed some food. It was fun to catch up with Phil over lunch- we both had a ton if fun and lots if stories to share.

I got home, unpacked, took a power nap and then got ready to he’s out for the day. The afternoon was spent fighting crazy crowds at the mall so Phil could get his suit for the wedding altered. We had to head out at a decent time to make it back across town for our couples massage. Which, despite some slight concerns when we first arrived, ended up being the best massage either of us have ever received. Date night continued at a new restaurant in downtown Royal Oak, Pizzaria Biga.


Our Biga, our yeast, is what makes our Neopalitano-style pizza different. Making the crust chewy, light and flavorful, Biga is a simple starter ingredient that creates a remarkable final product. Baked in a 900-degree wood-burning oven, our pizza crust ends-up slightly charred, as all real Neapolitano pizzas should. You will notice that our menu is simple and reflective.

We had such a great time!

On Sunday I was SPENT! Girlfriend needed a break.

Phil and I started the day with a large pot of coffee, Christmas Vacation and let the Christmas spirit take over the house. We decorated and finished up the tree trimmings.


Phil had a group project to work on all afternoon, so I snuggled into the couch and tackled the Christmas cards and wrapping while enjoying some terribly fabulous holiday movies.



I did manage to get my bootay to the gym and whipped up a nice home cooked meal – just what I needed after the crazy prior days.

I’m not sure about you, but I am already exhausted from the holidays and we are just getting started! It may be the addition of a wedding on the 29th that has increased the to-do list and stress, but man, this year is crazy.

Hope you all had a great weekend!




One Response to “Start at the Very Beginning”

  1. moviewriternyu December 15, 2012 at 10:13 am #

    It’s getting harder to get up and run every morning and then fight off the Christmas treats during the day. I’m starting to understand why Santa is so husky… 🙂

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