Silver Linings and Soup for the Soul

17 Dec

OK, I PROMISE this post is not as sad as last time we talked.

I spent Thursday afternoon working (although I had called in sick) under layers of blankets and sweaters. I had a wicked case of the chills. No fun.

I tried my best to take care of myself by eating dry toast and sipping warm tea.  I’ll tell ya, you know you have a problem when you should be drinking tea, but all you can think about is coffee. Truly, I need a support group. I tried my best to drink the tea. And I did. And then I got coffee. 🙂 I quick made myself somewhat presentable and ran down to the closest Bucks for a blond roast that totally hit the spot. I also swung into REI for a new waterbottle and ended up scoring a nice holiday gift for a special someone.


Once I wrapped up for the day, I rolled over to Google Reader to check out my favorite blogs and stumbled upon Eat Yourself Skinny’s recipe for Olive Garden’s Minestrone soup. Yum!! And, I somehow had all of the ingredients on hand. The stars were aligning, this was meant to be since I had no intention of leaving the house again.

I started a big ol’pot and let it simmer away for a while so all of the flavors could make nice.


Warmed me from the inside out. Yummmmm.

There still isn’t snow here in the Miten, but there is nothing like soup on a cold (or when you have a cold) day.

Around 8pm I started to feel better and decided I wanted to see a movie. I love going to the ‘show’ – I would go once a week if it wasn’t so darn expensive and I didn’t feel the need to munch on a bucket of popcorn. Phil and I timed it to arrive just as the movie was starting, missing the previews. We went to see The Silver Lining Playbook, which I have had on my must see list for a few weeks. slpb

I thought the movie was really good, very different than I anticipated, but emotional and moving. I loved Bradly Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence – their characters were out of their standard roles and they both were phenominal.

What is your favorite kind of soup?I love veggie soups, black bean and chicken tortilla.

Are you a tea or coffee drinker? COFFEE. 🙂 But I am finding a love for tea, too. I’m a fan of cinnamon, black teas, and white but cannot get behind the green. Blach.




One Response to “Silver Linings and Soup for the Soul”

  1. IHeartVegetables December 17, 2012 at 10:41 am #

    Yummm I love veggie soups too!! Perfect for cold weather!

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