Shortest Day of the Year

21 Dec


FINALLY white day in December!! While the news was warning against the winter storm Draco rolling across Michigan, we were only impacted by some serious gusts of wind and awoke to a beautiful dusting.

20121221-091117.jpg 20121221-091110.jpg

It has continued to be breezy, which sends the flakes a whirl in the air – it is almost like a snow globe in my house. Yes, I am semi on vacation. I’m at home, but still have work to do. Eh, what can you do. I’m still in my warm cozy house, in my pjs enjoying a mug o’ joe. Too bad this computer is on my lap. Le sigh.

Despite turning off my alarm last night (I don’t always remember to do this, which leads to a bummer in the am) I still woke up at 5:30am. I tried to will myself back to sleep, but, I’m back on the am workout train and my body was ready to get up. So, I headed downstairs to do a few nick knacks, started the coffee and enjoyed a really early breakfast.

20121221-091055.jpg 20121221-091103.jpg

I may be tired later, but it was such a peaceful morning.

In other good news, the world didn’t end. Was anyone reeeeally expecting that to happen?

Agenda for the day includes work, relaxing, maybe a workout and then we are heading out tonight to celebrate our friend’s birthday.




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