What Are You Grateful For?

25 Dec

As much as life has sucked so hard lately, I have to say I’m grateful that its around the holidays. Seriously, if this rediculousness was going down in January, I’d be in therapy every day.

But the holidays give us a chance to take a breath and enjoy the people we love and beauty around us. It’s a time to reflect on the year and get excited for a new leaf when the clock strikes 12.

I have to say, I am very blessed in so many ways. I’m married to my best friend and my pup brings me so much joy. I <;3 my boys.

I have a house. A house! I feel like such a grown up. But honestly, I finally understand the intense connection one has to a home; projects, taco nights in the kitchen, dancing in the back yard under the stars, planting and decorating. I'm slightly attached and certainly in love.

My health. Priceless. I'm so blessed to have a healthy, strong body. Recently, I have realized the importance of honoring your body through self respect, clean food and daily sweat sessions. I have every intention of doing what I can to stay healthy.

Family. In one week there will be a new addition to my family. My brother is getting married on the 29th and we are so excited for Nichole to be an official member if the Dilloway clan.

So many wonderful things to be thankful for.



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