A Change of Plans and Birthday Celebrations

26 Dec

Winter is here!!




I was just finishing a few errands this morning when the snow began. And then it picked up quite a bit! In the past two hours our view is much like the inside of a snow globe.

Unfortunately, we had plans to be on the road today and we need to postpone our travels until tomorrow morning. I’m sure we could have made it, but it would have taken a long time and been very stressful. So we are enjoying an unexpected, quiet night in.

While it may be quiet around here now, we’ve been quite busy the past few days. On Friday night we went out with two of our best friends to celebrate their back-to-back birthdays!

John and Cathy came over for a pee drink and then we headed down to Fishbones in downtown Detroit. This restaurant is one of my absolute favorite places in Detroit so I was super excited for dinner.

We stated the dinner with lots of wine and thought, when in Rome!


Once again it was a wonderful meal!

Next we hit up MGM Casino. Cathy is friends with one of the bartenders who helped us celebrate. Have you heard of a Stoplight shot?



The boys were lucky at blackjack while we stuck to the slots.


We finally called it a night at 4am with pancakes. Awesome night.

Saturday started at noon. I knocked out a long run and some grocery shopping before coming home for dinner. Well, it was probably closer to lunch given the time we woke up 😉 Phil went to the Lions game while I wrapped up Christmas shopping and wrapping. A nice quiet night.

On Sunday, I started with a Pilates class, which left my abs screaming. Phil and I celebrated our Christmas and dinner together. It was such a fun weekend. I laughed harder than I have in a long time and soaked in all of my loved ones.

Christmas #2 recap coming up next. Until then, everyone stay safe and warm!!



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