Here We Go!

27 Dec

Over the river and through the woods to grandma’s my parent’s house we go!

After the winter snow shit storm yesterday, we woke up ready to get this show on the road. The snow delayed us, but didn’t slow our excitement an anticipation to be up north with my family.

While many bloggers are recapping their Christmases and talking about post holiday blues, I have my Christmas still I front of me! It doesn’t feel like its Christmas yet since I haven’t seen my family.

This morning we quickly got ready, jammed two suitcases to the max with clothes and shoveled the six inches of snow that came down in less than six hours. Then, we hit the road!!

Luckily the sun came out to clear the roads and its been smooth sailing. Although I wanted to be home yesterday, it would have been a long and very stressful drive. Better safe than sorry.

As much as I love Christmas, the real reason I’m so excited is for Saturday – my brother is getting married!!!! I’m so, so anxious to get this party started! We have a full five days of rehearsals, family gatherings, hair, nails and other appointments, Christmas celebration, New Years and a few workouts (can’t wait for more TRX classes)! Lots to do with all of my loves ones.

The Christmas spirit is still alive and kicking in this girl. 🙂

About to pull into my parent’s driveway. Catch ya later!

What are your plans for the new year?



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