Weekend Roundup

14 Jan

Ah, here we go again. Another week.

I am not going to sugar coat it, I want this week to be over. STAT. It is my last full week of work in January and I am ready for my long weekend that’s awaiting me come 5pm Friday.

Since I am struggling to get going, lets chat about the weekend. OK, cool.

Friday night was date night with my guy. We hung out, enjoyed some good eats and a flick – a nice end to the week for sure. On Saturday, I worked to put away the Christmas decorations. I have slowly been collecting the decor from around the house into a pile in the front room. This weekend, I pulled out the storage containers and packed everything away. Phil also climbed on the roof and took down the outside lights.


We had beautiful weather this weekend. We’re talking 50-60 degrees in Michigan. While the sun struggled to peak through, one could not deny the temps, so Henry and I headed out for a nice long walk after my afternoon workout. Phil had a lot of studying to do, so we took our sweet time and enjoyed the fresh air.

20130114-103936.jpg 20130114-103953.jpg


Unfortunately, the mud and Henry’s white coat didn’t mix all that well. Boys. 😉

Once Phil finished his studying for the day, we took off to a few places; we’re on the hunt for new office furniture. The office is my next make-over and I am muy excited. I’m still a bit torn on the wall color, but have a good idea of the vision for the room.

Sunday started with coffee talk (aka, chats over hot mugs of coffee) at Panera. We hit up the grocery store and then made our way home for a big breakfast.

Although I wanted to stay on the couch zoning out, I had plans so I had to get moving. Two of my girlfriends and I took a workshop at our gym; Yoga for Runners and Cyclists.

The class focused on the need to balance our bodies and pay extra attention to our muscles and joints that are impacted by other sports. Following the discussion, we had a one hour yoga class. It was a great way to spend the afternoon and I hope to write a post around the class – it was really interesting!

I spent the night enjoying turkey tacos and the Golden Globes. Did you watch? I thought the show was very entertaining and really loved Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, they were hilarious.


Alright, time to take on the week.

It may be Monday, but that also means my favorite yoga class, the Biggest Loser and the Bachelor! Whoo hoo!

What are you looking forward to this Monday? Did you watch the Golden Globes?

Hope you’re all having a great one.




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