When the Lines Blur

18 Jan

Life is a challenge. We are constantly faced with choices, decisions to make, dynamics of relationshiops, repercusions and at times victories. It all adds up to our whole – who we are as individuals. Making a choice can lead is down a compeltely different path than if we had gone with the other option.

I have recently made a choice. For a long time I felt consumed by an issue that was seeping into my everyday life – it ate up my energy, my happiness, and was at time dibilitating. I accepted this to by my lifestyle, in essence, unhappy.

But, when I reached my lowest point, I reached out. There was no where else to go so I looked to a friend to talk to and hopefully hear some words of wisdom. And that was exactly what happened. My friend told me to change my view on the situation, to keep it contained.

At that time I realized how I had become a victum to the situation and let it control and define my life.

While the situation is ongoing, I am working on my away time to be just that – time away from the negativity. I still have questions to answer, and work to do, but the grey cloud has lifted.

I am sharing this story not for sympathy or to be cryptic, but rather because I know we all struggle with tough situations. We give ourselves excuses to accept things as they are rather than controlling our own destiny.

If you can’t find the strenght within yourself, find someone you can turn to. Life is not always perfect, but it doesn’t certainly doesn’t need to be painful.




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