VIP at Tiger Stadium

29 Jan

Happy Tuesday, all!

I have to say, I am really looking forward to all this week has to offer. But, more on that later.

This weekend was so wonderful. My dad came down to visit for a very special event. To back up, my dad is a Detroit Tiger’s fan. Not one of those wear the clothes every day or overly annoying fans, no, he knows the history and truly loves the sport and the team.

The Detroit Tigers open Comerica Park for TigerFest; a day of events around the park, exclusive access and a chance to meet the players. My sister, her husband, Phil and got two tickets to the event as a birthday gift for my dad. We were so excited to score these highly coveted tickets!

My dad came down on Friday night and we spent some time chatting and visiting before calling it a night. On Saturday, we enjoyed lots of coffee and more chats as we eased into the day.  I have to say, I credit my dad with my fondness for ‘mud’. He is a big coffee drinker and I look forward to our mornings together chatting over a warm, fresh cup.

TigerFest started at 11am, so we jumped in the car and arrived shortly after the day started. We were handed a map, which was super helpful since there were activities on all three concourses and we did not want to miss a thing!

First up, bat carving.  A company was demoing how they shape baseball bats for the players. It was quite neat to see.IMG_9345

We realized the main level was more kid-based activities, so we went downstairs (autographs, dugouts, team locker room, history). At the base of the stairs, we found ourselves in line…but we didn’t know what it led to. One of the workers told us we had landed in the autograph line. Cool! Since we were already there, we stayed put and within 45 min we were rounding the corner to meet some players.

All of the Tigers participated in the day rotating between autographs, photo-opts and interviews with fans.  So, you never knew who was going to be at which location and when, but we were happy just to meet some Tigers!IMG_9354

Quintin Berry

Next up – batting cages! My dad took a few swings – so cool!


After we were warmed up, we went into the visitor’s dugout. IMG_9371

It was easy to get caught up in the momentum and we decided to take a quick break for lunch since it was almost 1pm. We went back to the main level for eats when we realized there was a short line for the American League Trophy. We quickly jumped in line and scarfed our food before we were up for pictures. Go Tigers!


Feeling refreshed, my dad and I went back downstairs to tour the Tiger’s Club House.


The entrance was covered in Tiger history. It was beautiful and powerful – that would get me charged up to play! Next was the Tiger’s dugout.


And then we toured the locker rooms.


The last section was a hallway that connected to a media interview room that was all converted to Tiger history and memorabilia. This was the coolest part of the day, in my opinion. The facts, stats and history that was in the room was unbelievable. From Ty Cobb to Miguel Cabrera’s jersey when he won the Triple Crown. And for a Tigers and history junkie like my dad this was heaven.

IMG_9414 IMG_9425


My dad also shared some stories of being a young boy and watching the ’68 season – apparently only some games were aired so it wasn’t baseball overload like we  can feel today. He listed off the starting line-up as though the game happened yesterday. It was really special to watch my dad remember that season – the excitement he had telling the stories was amazing.

Next up was the photo room. We had a short wait and took our picture with Drew Smiley.


Before we knew it, we had one hour left in the stadium and a few more places to hit up.

Up on the third level, the media press box was open. Wow, what a cool view. You could almost hear them calling the game.

Around the corner was a large room that is used for executives and houses some VERY special trophies; the ’68 and ’84 World Series trophies! This was a complete surprise and we were in complete awe of seeing these trophies! IMG_9435

As the time ticked on, we had to keep moving. We ran all the way downstairs and outside to the pitcher’s box.


And finally to the ice carving station. Phew. With the clock ticking at 4:51pm, we wrapped up with minutes to spare. Most of the players had left at 4pm, so the stadium was quickly quieting down. We called it a day and high-tailed it to Starbucks to warm up. Did I mention it was a high of 28 degrees that entire time?! Yikes!IMG_9448

But the day was worth the cold temps. Being able to tour the stadium and meet the players was a once in a life time experience. And to go with my dad, to watch him travel back to years ago as a boy when his love for baseball first blossomed and sharing those memories and making so many new ones was such a special opportunity for me. My parents are so giving, so I felt great to be able to almost pay it back.

Phil drove downtown to meet us at Slows BBQ where we enjoyed some drinks at the bar catching up and sharing our stories from the day before being seated and devouring our finger-licking good meals.


The guys continued on and I headed home for some warm tea, shower and pjs. I was spent!

What an awesome event and opportunity I had to share with my dad. It really was a day filled with awesome experiences and memories.




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