do what frightens you

31 Jan


Today I am doing just that. Today, I am saying good-bye to my job that was no longer working for me. It was a long time coming, but certainly not a decision I made or take lightly.

But I realized that I was staying in my job out of fear. Fear of not knowing what was next. I was extremely unhappy and yet I thought I had to deal with the situation because I didn’t have the next rung on the monkey bar in clear sight.

So, I faced my fear and stood up for myself.

I will not lie, it was scary and at times I have a moment of panic – what did I do?! But, what I did was put my happiness over a paycheck. I put my family over being ‘on’ 24/7 with emails, phone calls and social media. I was brave. I made a choice to follow my passions, walk down a new path and see where it leads.

Intuition is an amazing and powerful tool that often we ignore. I have found that facing fears have been what have pushed my career and style the furthest. But those risks paid off in the long run.

Many times we so easily cave to things that seem frightening whether they are big or small. We give in to the fear, which ends up holding us back from doing what needs to be done and what is within our journey.

Being fearful as a creative is the greatest deterrent of reaching your potential and making a livelihood for yourself so the more you allow yourself to let go of the fear and just embrace the challenges the more you will see growth and success. Find a way to take things head on and not let them stand in your way. No one else can give you that motivation but yourself.




One Response to “do what frightens you”

  1. ~jenniferlynn January 31, 2013 at 9:25 am #

    Congrats, Brynn! I can’t imagine what a tough decision that must have been!! Good luck in your future ventures! 🙂

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