What I’m Loving Wednesday

6 Feb

Humps day equals focusing on the good to get us through the next few days. Here we go!

1) Changing up the nails. Yes, I’m crazy and rocked some red and gold.

2). AM workouts – back at it again, which has increased my attendance ten-fold.


3). Girl friends. I spent last weekend with some amazing gals and then hit up drinks with some other girlies last night. I am so grateful for the laughs, love and support.


4). Sunshine. Although the temps are still in the chilly zone, the sun seems to make the winter more bearable. I’ve been taking Henry on daily walks – love the vitamin D!

5). Juicing. I’ve been loving on some fresh pressed juice, homemade and out and about. Bring on the vitamins and nutrients!!


6). Sasha Fierce and her ladies. Hello, can we talk about the amazing Beyonce and the Destiny’s Child reunion that took place during the Super Bowl half-time show? Girlfriend’s neck must be sore from all of that hair flipping, but it was amazing. Loved every second.


What did you do for the Superbowl? Did you watch the game or just the commercials? 

What is getting you through the week?




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